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About Us

Reactive Polymer Technology - The Power of COPPER

Reactive Polymer Technology, patented both domestically and abroad, was invented during the Statue of Liberty Restoration Project of 1986 by renowned copper corrosion expert John P. Franey, Distinguished Member of The Technical Staff of Bell Laboratories.   Reactive polymer technology utilizes the powerful / protective / anti microbial / anti fungal properties of copper and is the heart of Liberty Storage Bags Technology.  It is found in scores of packaging / storage / shipping solutions for major global companies in various industry sectors.  




Say Goodbye to Your Inferior Poly Bag

Your current storage bag does no more to protect your product than a plain supermarket plastic bag. Why pay for a premium cannabis product, only to store in a poly bag that is harmful to your product? A poly bag provides no static dissipation, and pulls your trichomes off into a nice hazy film. Does your current bag provide MOLD / MILDEW Mitigation? No way.  Real Odor protection? No chance.  

Rather than contribute POLY storage bags to landfills, choose Liberty Storage Bags for all of your needs - .

Liberty Storage Bags are made from Intercept Technology which is clean and chemical-free, FDA Compliant for food and medicine contact, 100% non-hazardous, reusable and recyclable...


Why Liberty Storage?

A simple answer - We save growers MILLIONS of $ by maintaining freshness and total product weight.  Independent testing shows weight loss up to 28% from typical post cure storage methods. 5,000 lbs. should be 5,000 lbs., not 3,600. We protect your product (from seed to sale) from MOLD and MILDEW.  

Liberty Storage was welcomed into the cannabis industry in 2016 to consult on a large scale grow and employ our technology via filtration and custom storage solutions.  Our warm welcome into the industry has allowed us to work with leaders of the industry as we assist with developing SAFE, RELIABLE, SCIENCE BASED storage solutions to the Cannabis industry.

If you are using medical cannabis and financially unable to purchase a safe storage solution for your medicine, email us or send us a twitter message and we will send you a bag.  If you are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, please do the same.        

Distributor Price List (Valid thru 12/2017)

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Our Current Products / Projects

5 Gallon Storage / Cure Bucket

We engineer, or retrofit your current storage solution,  a MOLD, MILDEW, and STATIC free environment GUARANTEED to retain 100% total weight. Worry-free storage for days/weeks/months...

BURPING, and therefore inviting mold spores, is a thing of the past!  

  • Reactive Copper Polymer Liner
  • Boveda 62% RH 2-way Packs

Liberty Storage Bags

Level 1 - Copper Bags - Store small quantities free from mold and/or mildew - Opaque or translucent (copper colored)

Level 2 - Black ANTI-Static Bags - When mold/mildew aren't a concern for your storage but static charge and trichome damage is.  Fully ESD compliant

-Opaque (Black Color)

Level 3 - RiBS MVTR Bags - The Cadillac of Cannabis storage.  RiBS bags combine all of the benefits of Level 1 and 2 bags but add Freshness / Weight Maintenance with  the lowest (<0.00001) MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) of any FDA Compliant Bag on the market.  1 Gram goes in, 1 Gram goes out. 

Consultation / Large Scale Mold & Mildew Protection

With an en experienced team that includes consultative services from our scientist (the inventor of reactive polymer technology), engineers, packaging specialists and more, no request is too large!  Wrapping F-16 Fighter Jets and Chinook Helicopters is part of our everyday!

Reactive Polymer Technology Implementation at your site can come in various forms 

  • Filtration for Clean Grow / Cure Rooms
  • Lining Existing Walls / Storage Containers
  • Adjust current processes to include Reactive Polymer Technology


Email us & let us know what you need.  We treat each order as it should be - CUSTOM    

No job too big or small - from lining your grow house walls, providing grow pot liners, adding antimicrobial filtration to your existing air handler, etc. reactive polymer can help.

DISPENSARY OWNERS  - Let us create custom anti-static/antimicrobial point of sale bags for your valued customers @ NO COST TO YOU!!!

Reports / Files / Technical Data

Please find a video produced by a member of the Intercept Technology Group regarding reactive polymer technology and creating specialized projects engineered in their German factory - Intercept Germany 

Reactive Polymer Technology in other sectors

Paul Revere / Samuel Adams Time Capsule

When Paul Revere and Samuel Adams buried their time capsule in 1795 they used a copper box (smart thinking Paul - let the copper be the sacrificial anode!) to hold their artifacts.  When the Boston Museum of Fine Arts unearthed the priceless artifact in 2015, they immediately placed on Reactive Polymer Technology (copper color), and later buried in the same.  Good enough for priceless artifacts...good enough for your medical cannabis. 

Link To CNN Story on Time Capsule and Reactive Polymer Technology

Shrink Wrap for Fighter Jets / NASA Flight

The Royal Australian Air Force uses Reactive Polymer Technology shrink wrap for their fleet of fighter jets during transport and storage.  Reactive Polymer Technology meets NASA's stringent outgassing specification requirements for space flight designation. Intercept products are ideal for cleanroom use and to protect Class 0 devices.

British Royal Mint / Guggenheim Museum

British Royal Mint uses reactive polymer technology as it provides a perfectly clean and reliable means of museum grade protection.

After 6 years of comparative testing, The Guggenheim Museum selected reactive polymer technology for the long-term preservation of minimalist Donald Judd's highly polished brass and copper sculptures.

Link to Guggenheim Report

Cannabis in the News

Cannabis Mold, Mildew, and Pesticides

"Is Your Cannabis Safe" is the title to this March 17, 2017 article in High Times outlining the alarming figures of pesticides and chemicals used to combat mold and mildew in a recent test.  Steep Hill Labs says 84% of the tested crop was unfit for use.  

Let Liberty Storage deploy Reactive Polymer Technology - Copper has long been used as an antimicrobial and an anti fungal - time to put it to work in your grow, and put down the Eagle 20 Myclobutanil - Kills fungus but also might kill you as it becomes a cyanide gas upon ignition.

Link to High Times (March 17, 2017)

Ethylene Gas

Ethylene Gas is a bi-product of plant decay and has been the study of recent claims that it can inhibit growth, maturation, and cannabinoid and essential oil production.  Reactive Polymer copper ions in Liberty Storage Bags actively mitigates Ethylene Gas.

Link To Cannabis Business Times (March 2017)

Antimicrobial and Anti fungal Properties of Copper

The backbone of Liberty Storage Bags is the carbon / copper proprietary matrix that safely allows us to take advantage of the many benefits of copper.

 Since the late 1800s, the metal ions of Copper have been known to have a toxic effect on ..."molds, spores, fungi...", but don't take our word for it...WIKIPEDIA IT!  Here is a link 

Preferred / Strategic Partnership / Future Projects for Liberty Storage Bags

Please reach out to us at LibertyStorageBags@gmail.com to discuss how we can partner to assist in any storage or environmental concerns within your grow. 

Liberty Storage Bags ...simply better protection